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Large Winter Knit Hat Gnome

Large Winter Knit Hat Gnome

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Elevate your holiday ambiance with the enchanting charm of our Large Winter Knit Hat Gnome, a delightful addition to our Christmas home decor collection. This endearing gnome, standing at 18 inches tall and measuring 4.5 inches wide by 3 inches deep, brings a touch of warmth and whimsy to any space. Draped in a soft, white faux fur beard, this gnome exudes coziness, while its round wooden nose peeks out from beneath a skillfully knitted cap in hues of gray, brown, and white. The cap, complete with an internal wire for effortless positioning, is thoughtfully knotted near the top, ensuring a snug and stylish fit. With its weighted base for stability, this gnome becomes a sturdy and charming sitter that pairs seamlessly with Winter-time florals and accessories in a palette of blues, grays, and white. Transform your home into a festive haven with this Large Winter Knit Hat Gnome, adding a touch of holiday magic to your seasonal decor.

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